Mothers mental health tips

Mothers mental health : COVID-19

Mothers all around the globe are challenging themselves in the time of the pandemic. Keeping kids safe has been the first and foremost priority for every mother. In this process, mothers always tend to ignore their mental and physical health.

MY STORY: Mothers to Mothers

I am a mother of 21 months baby girl, and pandemic took a toll on my mental health. Every day seemed to get more difficult for me with my kid. As the COVID-19 situation appears to be getting worse day by day in India, I am afraid to even step out of the house with my kid.

First-year of my motherhood has been delightful with my baby girl. As time passed by, I have decided to get back to work. With COVID-19 situation all around and now as i was approaching towards finishing two years of motherhood, my plans seem to fade away.

With everyday worrying, I ignored my mental health. Stress levels spiked, and I had a major panic attack for the first time in my life. I fought for my life for almost 2 hours, with no air reaching my lungs. I remember crying as the face of my kid flashed in front of my closed eyes. My panic attack experience changed my life forever.

Yes, the pandemic is a stressful and most worrisome time for mothers across the globe. As i have learned how to control stress levels and live life without worrying much, I urge every mother out there to take of their mental health in these difficult times.

How can a mother take care of mental health

Mothers mental health in covid-19
  1. Eat well
  2. Take a break
  3. Get proper sleep
  4. Spend some time with your partner
  5. Talk to friends
  6. Take a walk
  7. practice yoga/ or exercise
  8. Make plans for the day
  9. Take any online course
  10. Be sure to Meditate everyday
  11. Do not overthink
  12. List down everyday activities for your kid
  13. Try something new

All the mothers out there, let us help each other by sharing our bit of experience and how we can over come the difficult time.

If you know any other way to improve mental health, please share it with us.


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