Since the entire nation is on lock-down, buying new clothes is the last thing we require. The garment industry across the globe is one of the worst-hit industry sectors due to corona virus. With no help from the government in India, we can anticipate there could be a loss of approximately a crore jobs in the textile sector.

According to CMAI survey done among its members, it is said that 20 % out of 1500 responses are thinking to shut down the business after lock down is lifted. On the other hand, Bangladesh being major producer of fashion products has already begun firing garment workers.

As per the reports, close to 1000 factories have planned to reopen in Bangladesh. To retain the jobs, garment workers have no other option but to get back to work amid lock-down.

Garment and textile workers now have no idea how they are going to take care of themselves and their families. As there is a global drop in demand, the Garment industry all around the globe is in a vulnerable state, putting the garment worker’s livelihood at stake.

brands like Adidas, H&M, Nike are helping garment industry

Apart from garment workers who work for brands, there are millions of home-based garment workers all around the nation. They lack all kinds of aid provided by the government.

Internationally recognized brands like Adidas, H&M, Nike, etc have committed to pay in full for on-going and completed orders. Whereas the are brands like Mothercare, ASOS, GAP, JCPenny, Walmart, etc have not committed to pay for orders yet.

WSC has come up with COVID-19 Tracker: monitoring the brands which are acting responsible toward suppliers and workers.

You can visit, to check where your brand stands at.


Now is the time the fashion industry needs to remodel into the ethical fashion industry, which puts people before profits.
A fashion brand needs to be ethical that provides labor, social, health protection, and also needs to be sustainable by producing sustainable products.

Hopefully, one day when the negative impact of COVID-19 slows down, the ethical fashion will become the norm to many brands rather than niche.

Are you a loyal customer of a particular brand that has not committed to paying for their orders? Then we urge you all to request the brands to protect their workers.

All you need to do is, address the issue to your brands through social media platforms or just by E-mailing.

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