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A Call For Urban Farming: Sustainable living

Urban farming; The idea of starting it shot into my head as the panic of pandemic began. The Fear of stepping out of the house to buy vegetables from the grocery store lead me towards sustainable living.

Bored in the house? let us Farm in the house.

Lock down has got many people taking all kinds of challenges. Let us take up the challenge of moving towards sustainable living through urban farming.

Urban farming has a positive impact on the environment, economy, and social system. Growing your own greens directly leads to sustainable living. This in turn helps in the reduction of carbon footprint, the ozone, noise pollution, and etc.

Ways of urban farming

Here are few more perks of starting Urban farming.

Activity for children

Life skill of urban farming

As parents, we are trying the best we can to engage our children in multiple activities. Involving the kids in urban farming is the best life skill they can learn.

Preparing for uncertainties

Life is uncertain; we all know that, and being prepared for the worst is all we can do. In the pandemic time, People who already begun cultivating did not just rush in a panic to the grocery stores. Growing own greens helped few families around the world in staying home and staying safe.

Helping hand

As Mother Teresa said “Helping hands are better than praying lips”. If there are any elderly in your community, do not hesitate to offer them help in providing food as they are more vulnerable to the virus.

Do not worry about the process on how to start urban farming there are plenty of platforms that provide the information. If you are planning for a big scale, take the help of trained experts.

The impact of corona virus is going to stay for longer than we anticipate. Staying home, social distancing, and avoiding unnecessary travels are the only precautions we can take.

A step towards sustainable living helps minimize the spread of virus.


Visit https://www.gardeners.com/how-to/urban-gardening-with-vegetables/5491.html, a guide to begin urban vegetable gardening.

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