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Stop Needless Online Shopping Post Pandemic

Will there be an increase in Online Shopping more than ever after post pandemic of corona virus? As a matter of fact, it is for the best to avoid shopping in retail stores where the crowd is more, at least till the worst is over.

In the hope of pandemic will soon, the world as we know it will not be the same again. Post pandemic with the increase of the online shoppers E-commerce industry, will rise. Needless to say it is a safer platform in these difficult times

The real question now is, will there be unnecessary online shopping more now than in the past? If you think the answer to it is yes, let us make sure we do not make the mistake of making unnecessary purchases.

7 ways to overcome needless online purchases


Firstly, write down all the items necessary every month. Create an excel sheet for clear understanding.


Fix a certain amount that needs to be spent on purchases of products every month. Make sure not to cross the limit unless it is unavoidable.


Do not buy items on the spur of the moment. Offers often given by brands are attractive, but stop right there and question do i need the product.


Time limit is very important, as many of us tend to lose track of time and buy unnecessary items. Setting screen time on the mobile will help you in a lot of ways.


Overloading your phone with all sorts of shopping apps will only lead to excessive shopping. Ensure to have limited shopping apps that are trustworthy, ethical and maintain high-quality products.


Do you often find yourself wasting money every time a big discount day email pops up from the retailers?, then it is high time we click ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’.


I am sure many of us did window shopping in a mall or retail store, but times have changed, and there is an increase in online window shopping. Online window shopping leads to spending more time in wish listing the items and buying them at some point in time.

It is for the best to stop online window shopping and shifting the focus in doing more useful activities.

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